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1. Imelda Argel has retired!


The principal solicitor of Imelda Argel and Associates, Atty. Imelda Argel retired from legal and migration practice in December 2013. Her approach to managing the best possible outcomes for her clients and service to the Filipino community is outstanding and unmatched.


Atty. Argel’s exemplary efforts were officially acknowledged by being the sole awardee from Australia of the 2012 Presidential Award (Banaag Category), for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas, held at the Malacanang Palace, Manila. One of her significant achievements was the recognition of the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) Licensure Board Examinations in the qualification assessment of Philippine educated visa applicants who are required to have the equivalent education of at least an Australian Bachelors degree to pass the skills assessment (e.g teachers, accountants). Through her representation with the Australian Federal Parliament, a PRC board passer became recognised as holder of a comparable Australian Bachelors Degree, regardless of where the college or university degree was completed in the Philippines. See other awards in her resume.


2. Glice Alexa SAM is a Registered Migration Agent!

In order to continue providing service to the Filipino Community, by way of access to resources, useful links and a registered migration agent, Atty. Argel has kept her website active even after retirement. Atty. Argel has licensed the use and management of this website to Glice Alexa SAM(“Glice”), who was one of her staff. Glice is now a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1574916) and is currently a student of Juris Doctor (a postgraduate of Law) at the University of Technology (Sydney).


In her own migration practice, Glice is confident that she is able to deal with complex issues in consultation with Atty. Argel. She also shares Atty. Argel’s principles of integrity and honesty. Atty. Argel is a consultant to Glice’s migration practice, no doubt, with the experience and training provided by Atty Argel, Glice will be able to continue Atty. Argel’s 90 percent rate of visa grant for initial applications and 95 percent rate of success for appeals with Migration Review Tribunal (MRT).


 3. Persons not connected with the Firm!

1. Barbara Ming-Wei Chang

Barbara Ming-Wei Chang, Buckingham Lawyers and BC Legal Pty Ltd are in no way connected with Imelda Argel & Associates, Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents, nor Buckingham Chambers Pty Ltd.

Please check with OMARA( Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority) whether Barbara Ming-Wei Chang or BC Legal are Registered Migration Agents.


2. Grace Eduardo

Grace Eduardo, Overseas link and Roger Dequila are in no way connected with Imelda Argel & Associates, Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents.


3. Michelle Lloyd

Michelle Lloyd
Michelle Lloyd

Michelle Lloyd (whose picture is shown above), Healthcare Recruiting Australia Pty. Ltd., David Lloyd Resources, Healthcare Global Consulting Pty Ltd or Gloria Molina are in no way connected with Imelda Argel & Associates, Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents.


Should the individuals above solicit or make any representations regarding migration matters to you or act in the capacity of a migration agent, please contact to verify their authority to act as migration agents it to:


OMARA( Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority)

Tel. 1300 226 272

Level 10, 111 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW Australia


Contact Details:

92 Anzac Avenue Collaroy NSW 2097 AUSTRALIA

Mobile: 0426 256 239

Emails: info@iargel.com.au AND glice.elitevisa@gmail.com





The Principal Solicitor, Imelda Argel B.A.(Hons.), L.L.B. (U.P.), L.L.M. (USYD) is a
Solicitor in the State of New South Wales
Solicitor of the High Court of Australia
Migration Agents Registration No.9682957
Attorney at law in the State of New York, USA
Attorney at law in the Republic of the Philippines
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