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Permanent residency for registered nurses

A permanent resident visa may be applied for directly without first applying for a temporary working visa in Australia, that is, while working as registered nurse in or outside Australia, under certain conditions if you obtained registered nurse (RN) registration in Australia or in New Zealand. Your application for permanent residence can include your immediate family, (spouse and children below 18 years of age and full time students below 25 years of age). Once your permanent resident visa is approved, and you have validated it by entering Australia, you can reside outside Australia, provided you return to live in Australia within five years.

A temporary working visa may be granted up to 4 years. It entitles a sponsored registered nurse to a minimum salary. Applicants whose experience is more than two years and whose area of practice is in demand are usually offered a higher salary.

Registration as registered nurse in Australia

We can refer you to reputable review course centres in preparation for the English test. You must pass IELTS academic module with a grade of 7.0 or OET with a grade of "B".

We can assist and manage your visa application to enable you to attend the skills competency assessment in Australia, if necessary.

We can manage and assist in obtaining your registration as registered nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Board in Australia.

Permanent Resident Visa

If you want to apply for a permanent resident visa:

  • We can assist in obtaining your suitable skills assessment from the assessing authority in Australia; and
  • We can manage your the application for permanent residence

If you are interested in availing our services, please indicate your interest: logon or register and complete the CV form (Form B).  We charge a pre-assessment fee which you can pay on this website by clicking on the "Fee Agreement" link on the left. Note that we have not authorised any agents to act on our behalf or to collect fees and charges payable to us.


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