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The writer has endeavoured to ensure that the information in the written "Articles" is correct as at the date of writing. Please refer to the dates stated at the end of the article. The article is of a general nature and under no circumstance should it be taken as authoritative legal advice for specific cases. The Australian Migration legislation may have changed subsequently.

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Radio Interview

New TAFE courses offered in the Philippines 21.2.2008

Nurses occupational trainee visa changes 21.2.2008

TAFE NSW courses in the Philippines: 27.9.2007
TAFE New South Wales extends its courses in the Philippines, giving Filipinos the chance to get Australian education without having to study in Australia. Atty Imelda Argel talks to Kristyn Maslog-Levis about it.
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Radio Interview at SBS Filipino program - Imelda Argel talks to Kristyn Maslog-Levis on the latest changes for citizenship and migration in Australia as of 9.5.2007
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Articles Written By Atty. Imelda Argel
Published in The Philippine Community Herald Newspaper

General Issues

Can you be granted a health waiver? - September 2013

Changes to the Visitor and Temporary Work Visas - May 2013

Submission to Parliament on Recognition of PRC Examinations - July 2011

When do you need to take the English test? - July 2011

Are you over 49 years of age? - July 2011

Do You Pass the Health Test? - February 2011

Are You a Registered Migration Agent? - October 2010

When does the applicant need to meet the Passmark? - December 2009

Can you apply for another visa whilst in Australia? - October 2009

Do you need to consult a migration agent before lodging your visa application? - October 2008

Which Level of English Threshold is Required for Your Visa Application? - April 2008

Are you a child of a same sex partner? - September 2007

Do you need access to your documents lodged with DIAC? - August 2007

Are you employing an illegal immigrant? - June 2007

Can you apply for another visa in Australia after your visa application has been refused or cancelled? - May 2007

Are the proposed changes to the Australian Citizenship legislation to your disadvantage?.f- March 2007

Are you aware of the deadlines for submitting documents to Immigration?.f- September 2006

Do you need a resident return visa? - March 2006

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration in the Federal Parliament (Part 5) - December 2005

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration in the Federal Parliament (Part 4) - November 2005

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration in the Federal Parliament (Part 3) - October 2005

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration in the Federal Parliament (Part 2) - September 2005

Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration in the Federal Parliament (Part 1) - August 2005

Do you understand the terms used in visa applications? - June 2005  

What services can you expect from a registered Migration Agent? - March 2005

Are you a Long Term Overstaying Non Citizen? - Februray 2005

Is Your Visa Being Cancelled? - August 2004

10 Practical Tips For First Home Buyers - July 2004

Who May be Included in An Application for Permanent Residence? - February 2004

Have You Arrived on a False Passport to Australia? - January 2004

Common Legal Questions on Immigration. - September 1998

Who is entitled to a "Health Waiver" ? - October 2011

Are you banned from applying for a visa? - September 2012

Skilled Migration

What are the new salary requirements for Employer Sponsored (457) visas? 

How long is the processing time under General Skilled Migration? - November 2010

Do you need to prove your English skills? - September 2010

Is your health profession covered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency? - August 2010

Which “Schedule” in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) applies to you? - July 2010

Are you an Engineer applying for Permanent Residence? - July 2010

Does the new Skilled Occupations List (SOL) affect your visa application? - May 2010

Are you a registered nurse applying for Permanent Residence? - May 2010

Are you a teacher applying for a GSM visa? - March 2010

Are you a tradesperson applying for a GSM visa? - February 2010

Are you affected by the new Skills Assessment Criteria of VETASSESS? - November 2009

Are you a computer professional interested in migration to Australia? - June 2009

Are you an overseas qualified accountant applying for skills assessment?  - May 2009 

Can DIAC reconsider its decision refusing an offshore skilled independent visa application? - April 2009

Is your Occupation on the Critical Skills List? - February 2009

Do you satisfy the recent work experiece requirement under the GSM? - Nov.2008

Are You a Filipino Registered Nurse? - September 2008

Do you need to enrol in a Philippine based Australian TAFE course? - May 2008

Does The New TRA Skills Assessment Policy Qualify You For Migration? - July 2008

Is your sponsor living in Victoria or another designated area? - June 2006

Changes to Skilled Migration from 1/9/07 - July 2007

Why Filipinos should consider studying nursing in Australia. - May 2006

Are you a skilled worker or tradesperson who is disadvantaged by the change in the TRA Uniform Assessment Criteria? - February 2008

Do you have a sponsor under General Skilled Migration? - February 2008

Is the visa applicant able to obtain a suitable skills assessment? - updated April 2008

How can Filipino Nurses Work in Australia? - November 2004

Does Your Occupation Qualify For Skilled Permanent Residence? - March 2004

Is your school listed in "The Phillipines Country Education Profile"? - July 2007

Prescribed lists of skills in demand for States and Territories-Nov 2008

Employer Sponsored Visa

Are you applying for Permanent Residency under the Employers Nomination Scheme? - August 2009

Do you require a State or Territory sponsorship? - January 2009

Do You Qualify for a Working Visa? - September 2008

Is An Application Under The Employer Nomination Scheme Your Alternative? - April 2005

Can Filipino Nurses Obtain Working Visa or Permanent Residence in Australia? - April 2003

Would you like to sponsor an employee on a working visa? - July 2007

Are You Looking For Work? - August 2004

Student Visa

Are you eligible for the new skilled graduate temporary visa? - August 2007

Does Your Student Visa Ensure Permanent Residence? - June 2004

Are You An Overseas Student Seeking Permanent Residence? - March 2008


Partner (spouse, de facto or interdependent) Visa

Are you in a de facto relationship? -May 2011

Were you first married in the Philippines? -September 2009

Are you in a spouse relationship but do not pass the character test? -April 2008

Are you a victim of family violence? -October 2007

Failure of Spouse Visa application on "character grounds"-July 2007

Can you sponsor more than two spouses in your lifetime.pdf - April 2007

Are You Applying for A Spouse Visa in Manila? - March 2002

Are you Required to Lodge a Discretionary Assurance of Support? - May 2005


Visitor Visa

Do You Have a Condition "8503" On Your Visitor Visa? - May 2004

Can you have your visa condition 8503 (no further stay) removed? - February 2008

Do You Have Friends And Relatives Who Want to Visit Australia? - September 2001

Parent Visa

Do you meet the balance of family test for a parent visa? - January 2011

Can Your Parents Obtain Permanent Residence in Australia? - June 2003


Carer Visa

Are Your Children Entitled to Government Subsidized Education Fees? - March 2009

Do you qualify for a carer visa? - June 2008

Do You Need a Relative to Take Care of You or Any Member of Your Family Unit? - January 2004


Occupational Trainee Visa

May an overseas registered nurse apply for an Occupational Trainee visa? - December 2010

Do You Qualify for an Occupational Trainee Visa? - December 2006-January 2007


Other Visa

Do You Want to Sponsor Your Dependent Child for Permanent Residency? - April 2010

Are you a genuine visitor to Australia? - April 2010

Is Your Remaining Relative Eligible For Permanent Residence? - September 2004







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