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Pre-Assessment Forms

Australia as a multicultural country welcomes people from all over the world. Obtaining a valid Australian visa is the only legitimate way to enable non-Australians to enter, stay or work in this great country. Australian migration laws and policies are extensive, complicated and frequently updated. In order to ensure that you do not waste your time and money in pursuing an application for an Australian visa, we have developed pre-assessment Forms to assist those who are interested in seeking professional advice. These forms are designed to determine whether you have the potential of passing the formal application for a visa to Australia, be it temporary or permanent. We endeavor to use our professional knowledge and experience to assist you and find the most appropriate path for you to achieve your dream.

How to use our Australian visa pre-assessment Forms

  • Before starting to fill in the forms, please logon or register. This will enable you to continue to fill in the form if you do not complete it in one session. Please ensure that your email address is correct so that you can receive our reply. 
  • Complete the pre-assessment form that is applicable to the visa you intend to apply for.
  • Ensure that all are answered before submitting, otherwise we will not be able to advise you appropriately (e.g. If not applicable, please write N/A). 
  • Pay our pre-assessment fee using our online secure credit card payment system.
  • Email us your receipt number on the pre-assessment form if you cannot write on the form. Press "Submit" after completing the form or print and either fax or post the completed form, if you cannot submit online.
  • Wait for our email advice at the email address you have used in submitting your form.
  • Contact us again if you do not receive our response within 21 working days.  Please allow for an added delay following a holiday period.  Email us using the same email address you have used in submitting the form.

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Australian visa pre-assessment Results

As indicated above, after we have assessed your circumstances based on the information stated in your pre-assessment form, we will provide our professional advice via email. Our email will usually consist of one to three pages advising that either:

  • You have passed our preliminary assessment based on the current Migration Regulations
  • You have failed our preliminary assessment and the reason why, and the alternatives that are available to you, if any
  • The information you have provided is incomplete, and you need to submit more specific information

Our charges

Except for Form A, which is a free self assessment, we currently charge $150.00 (GST inclusive) per form for the time we spend in assessing the information you have provided in your pre-assessment form and in preparing our email advice. This charge will be deducted from our professional fees, if you engage our services to manage your visa application within 30 days from your receipt of our pre-assessment advice.

The next steps

If our advice is that you have passed our pre-assessment, we will make an offer of our services with a quote for fees and disbursements to manage your visa application until visa approval.

Cases vary from person to person but provided you meet the criteria under the current Migration Regulations and Policy for the visa applied for at the time of application and at the time of decision, there is no foreseeable reason why your visa should not be granted.

If you have special circumstances which are not readily ascertainable from our pre- assessment forms, you should consider making an appointment call or a personal conference with us to discuss before accepting our offer. Please see our notices before completing our forms.

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FREE  Form A - Visitor or Tourist Visa
Form B - Overseas Registered Nurses
Form 1 - Skilled Permanent Residence or Temporary Working Visa - Points Test
Form 2 - Partner Visa - (Spouse, de facto, same sex or fiance)
Form 3 - Parent Visa
Form 4 - Student Visa
Form 5 - Skilled Permanent Resident Visa for Overseas Student Visa Holder
Form 6 - Business Visa Holder
Form 7 - Employer Nominated Scheme


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