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Thank you so much... We can't express how thankful we are for all the things you've done to have this Visa, for helping us in every step of the way. Again, thank you, thank you so much. Please advise us on what to do next. THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GODBLESS..... Dennis Villanueva, November 2013

Dear Imelda, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you at your firm. I believe that the practical experience has improved my abilities as a student, as well as providing me with a solid foundation on which to begin my legal career. With many thanks Priti, November 2013

I am very grateful to Atty. Imelda Argel and her staff for their excellent work in facilitating the application for our immigrant visa (subclass 175). Their work took away most of the essential preparation that otherwise would have taken me a lot of time to complete and review.

With Atty. Imelda’s assistance, I was able to organise and complete the necessary documentations to have an effective and accurate application that Engineer’s Australia and DIAC Australia requires. Her directions and familiarity with the application process kept me within the submission time-frames and helped me work through some setbacks in the process.

Her staff were organised and professional. They timely responded to my email queries and requests.

From my successful assessment with Engineer’s Australia on March 2011 to our visa application lodgement on December 2011, my family and I finally have been granted our visa on June 2012. We are now preparing to travel to Sydney. Anthony Cabral Luna, July 2012

For just three months after lodgement, my wife was granted her Partner (Provisional) (Subclass 309) Visa. With Imelda Argel & Associates’, you can guaranty fast, simple and positive results, based on what we had experienced. Hence, we personally recommend Imelda Argel & Associates’ to all who are interested in moving to Australia! Jojo Gonzales and Cindy Flores February 2012

Our family is forever so grateful to Atty. Imelda Argel and her staff for helping us with all our legal and immigration needs especially that of helping my sister and her family to come to Sydney as carer for my ageing father. For the past 25 years, my sister had attempted several times to apply to immigrate in Australia to be with us, my parents and 5 of her sisters and brothers. All these attempts, engaging different migration agents failed. These were just a waste of our time and money. Then, I met Atty. Imelda and referred my sister’s case bringing to her a long history of failed applications. Now, with Imelda Argel & Associates’ professional, prompt, and excellent services my sister and her family are here. Currently, I am engaging again her services for our niece and her husband who are both Registered Nurses in the Philippines. Her expertise in Migration Laws are commendable! Imelda A. Dela Cruz, Bankstown NSW, February 2012

A big thank you to Atty. Imelda Argel because at last, after 3 agents and 15 months of thinking about our status of visa, RESIDENCY had been granted. Initially, we are becoming hopeless about whats going on our stay in Australia and all of the sudden one family's friend recommended Atty. Argel to be our agent. I can say that our case was the hardest one among all the cases and it is impossible to be granted but she made it possible. So again, thank you Atty. Argel, and more power! God bless! Rudy Elicanal, January 2012

It all started with one ‘hello’ and it made so much difference in our lives!

Imelda Argel was the name recommended to us when we thought of applying for a visa. We emailed her straight away and right there and then we were guided throughout the process. Imelda MADE SURE THAT EVERYTHING WENT SO SMOOTHLY for us, from the assessment period, to gathering of the requirements, to medicals, to just about anything! Any enquiry we had, she never failed to address it, and what we loved about her is that she was so succinct yet so precise on her points and directions. Imelda and her team impressed us with the highest degree of professionalism.

Imelda, I could not thank you enough for what you and your team have done in helping us through the Australian migration process. We never drifted because you sailed us through. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us and it would have been very difficult without your help. I thank God that there are people like you. My wife Nanette has recently just started in a private company in Brisbane CBD! I arrived in December, and our two year old son will join is in March.

I definitely recommend Imelda Argel to those who are applying for migration. Archangelo Alegardo, January 2012

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for your fantastic work!

I came to Australia under a student visa that I organised however I was honestly not expecting to be able to stay in Australia. You can imagine how happy I am now that I finally have my Permanent Residency under the Employer Nomination Scheme.This was made possible thanks to you and your teams dedicated support. Without a doubt, getting you as my immigration agent is the single best investment I've made to date!

You continuously impress me with the proficiency you have in immigration law and you were able to make it seem so easy. You gave me the right information at the right time and your decisions never steered me wrong. The best thing about working with you and your team is that you were always so accommodating and considerate. You always stayed in touch and throughout the process I felt that I was in good hands.

I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family who are interested in moving to Australia!

Once again, thank you so much! You've helped change my life for the better! Dennis Noel Gomez, January 2012

The DIAC case officer asked me three times during my first three hour interview why i had chosen to engage your services from among four thousand registered migration agents. This question was aptly answered by the DIAC Senior case officer who interviewed me for two hours on my second interview. She said to me "you have a very good migration lawyer".

You are amazing, the best migration agent, and clever. I believed and trusted in you the day I met you in Sydney. Imagine my 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and myself all being granted Sub class 100 permanent visas, including my eldest child who was turning 25, two days after visa lodgement. I did not know what to do, I was shocked, too excited, I cried and was speechless. I just could not believe it when our visas were stamped in our passports. It was just like dreaming! THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommended you to the people in University of Baguio, to all the people I know and to all my children’s friends who work overseas. God bless you I wish you a long life and happiness so that you can help more people who need a good and honest migration agent. Agnes C. Sydney, November 2011.

My husband, Joel, our child, Arabela and I are now Australian citizens. In 2006, I came to Australia from Tripoli, Libya, on a 457 visa with the assistance of Atty Imelda Argel. We had not met in person until I arrived. My husband and daughter just joined me eventually only 5 months later. In 2009, we applied for our permanency under Independent Skilled Migration. Unfortunately, DIAC made an error in refusing our visa and we had no appeal rights. However, Atty Argel persisted in reconsideration of the decision resulting in our visa being granted. In 2010 through a loan organised by Atty Argel, we are now living in a brand new 3 bedroom house we bought. Elizabeth Alemania, Sydney, August 2011.

I have now been granted my PR visa thanks to the effort of Imelda Argel and Associates. I initially came to Australia under a student visa which Imelda’s office has also arranged for me. I then applied for the PR visa by myself but was denied. I immediately contacted Imelda Argel for her advise. She is very professional, and always gives the best option forward. She has undoubtedly vast knowledge about the Australian migration laws and is always updated with the latest rules. She is very easy to talk to and does not hesitate to spend time to explore all possible options for your application. I would take her word if she says your application can be approved or not. I greatly appreciate her efforts and expertise in getting my PR visa granted. More power to her and her office. Endie Agawin - Sydney, February 2011

I would like to thank Imelda Argel and her staff for her professional assistance in successfully processing the papers for my 3 step daughters to migrate to Australia from the Philippines.
I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to bring family to Australia from the Philippines.Our case was particularly hard as it involved 3 children who were minors and required updated custody documents, DSWD clearance for the children and police clearances for myself.
Imelda is very confident and more than capable of handling any situation.I have no hesitation in recommending her to any client who has a similar situation to ours.- William George Knobel – Sydney, September 2010

I thank you for the wonderful result of your work in getting the necessary approvals for Evelyn’s niece, Charmaine, to come and study for a Nursing degree here in Sydney. Throughout the process, your advice has always been open, complete, and clearly documented for both the application to the University and to the Australian Embassy. It made it easy for us to make the necessary decisions and prepare the correct documents. Your use of internet technology facilitated our communications without the need to attend your offices. This was most convenient for me as I did not need to take any time off from work. There was no guessing involved. You know precisely and in detail the process and requirements. You managed to get Charmaine’s visa in a matter of 9 working days. We received the certificate of enrolment from UWS on 18th December. 2009 and despite Christmas Holiday distractions and breaks, Charmaine got her visa approval on 7th January. I believe this success was made possible due to the completeness of your submissions and more importantly your professional influence in the Australian Embassy on Manila. Initial responses from embassy to your follow-up emails indicated they were assessing applications submitted more than 1 month earlier. We, in fact, were resigned that Charmaine would not be able to come for the start of her course on 12 Jan. After a few email exchanges between you and the embassy, she was contacted by phone to bring her passport to the embassy for the visa.You kept us informed all the way by copying us every communication you received from and sent to the university and embassy. We knew exactly what was happening and when it was happening. We will certainly recommend your services to others. More power to you! Thank you again.- Cosme and Evelyn Purugganan – January 2010

By the guidance and hardwork of Atty Imelda Argel in June 2005, I was able to bring my family to Australia. I served as a non-commissioned police intelligence officer in the Philippine National Police for nine years. I didn't have any health or science qualifications. But with Atty Argel's expertise in the field of Australian Migration procedure, I was granted a permanent resident visa. The process took almost three years due to the complexity of my application, but Atty Argel just went head on with my case, showing full control of every situation. With her determination and persistence we were able to file an appeal with the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and won the appeal. Atty Argel, on behalf of my family I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you. Thank you for the chance that has been brought to us by helping us migrate and start a new life in this country. Dionathan, Yvette, Ning and Kenchie Morales

I was delighted to learn that New South Wales finally had its Achievement Awards and I congratulate you. I am indeed very proud of you all. It always gives me great pleasure to see that the proper recognition has been given to Filipino Women who contributed to the development and enhancement of Philippine-Australia relations. You join the other outstanding women whom I have met and recognised in the other States of Australia over the years that I was there as Philippine Ambassador. May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Christmas from the great city of Berlin. Delia Domingo Albert, Ambassador of the Philippines, Berlin

I would like to thank you for helping me be sponsored by Wengra now Chubb. I am now in New Jersey. I recently passed the NCLEX-RN exam and I will be working in a rehab and nsg care facility. Pamela, June 2003

Thanks to Ms. Imelda Argel and team for the successful Student Visa application of my brother Endie. He is the second sibling in our family successfully sponsored through her. Both cases have been exceptionally difficult. This Student Visa application had several technical issues, in particular, my brother was illegally staying in the US, whilst undertaking his application. It was a gruelling, and stressful process. But as usual, Ms. Argel proved her mettle by pulling the application through. I have utmost confidence in Ms.Argel’s capability and expertise in her field. Needless to say, she’s at the top of her game, above par really. Additionally, I was surprised she did not require additional fee for the extra work and time spent on my brother’s case. This has brought more respect from us as her client. It proved her primary aim was to do her job, not make money. I have yet to meet someone who is as single-minded and persistent to a cause as she. I have no hesitation is recommending her. Thanks to her, my brother has been given a chance in making a decent life in Australia. Josielyn Paradeza

If there’s one thing to be said about Imelda Argel and her associates, it is that they are very professional. They were always very accommodating and prompt in keeping appointments and meeting deadlines. Because they keep an organized and up-to-date file for each client/ case, information, forms or paperwork are always at hand and ready for you the minute you sit down for your appointment. If you have a question and the answer isn’t readily available, you can trust that Ms. Argel or one of her very reliable staff will waste no time and will exhaust all avenues to give you what you need. I also like the way Ms. Argel approaches each client’s case. Not only is she very competent, experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to visa matters and rules, she is also very straightforward and honest--- she will not waste your time or money by sugarcoating answers, giving you false hopes or misleading information. If a particular case proves complicated or difficult (and sometimes they can be given that immigration rules change so often), she will tell it to you straight but will not give up easily. You can be rest assured that she will do all she can and exhaust all options available to help you out. I was recently granted my permanent resident’s visa and I believe that the assistance I received from Ms. Argel and her staff from the very beginning (from helping me get my student visa extension to filling out and securing the requirements for my PR application) were instrumental in my getting it. To Ms. Argel, Chloe and the rest of the staff, I am very grateful for all your support. I highly recommend your services to anyone who needs help regarding visa and immigration matters. I wish you all the best. From another “very happy customer”, Maria Melissa Lopez

"Good things happened to me and my daughter when I started working in Australia in March 2001 on a Temporary Resident Visa. I was given a chance to undergo Pre-registration Assessment Course and eventually became RN in August 2001. Because of my RN licence, I was able to work at Neuroscience Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital in a full-time permanent position. Our permanent residency was approved in January 2003 and we acquired our Australian Citizenship in June 2005. We were also able to buy a Residential Unit in February 2004. All these things happened within the span of 4 and a half years. I couldn't have done all of these without the continuous assistance and advice of Atty Imelda Argel. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Atty Argel." Ma. Lisa Esteban RN - Sydney, NSW

“I attended the interview at the Australian Embassy in Manila for my Australian Spouse Visa Application. The assessing officer told me that I am so lucky to have a Migration Agent who has a good reputation. We believed her submission to us, because she is able to defend and support them with documentation. She was referring to Atty. Imelda Argel. Since then my visa was approved and I am now preparing additional documents for proof that my wife and I are still in a spouse relationship after two years from lodgment of my visa application.  And I’d like to thank God also as he gave me Atty. Argel as my solicitor, because I’ve been to four others but I have never been advised correctly and they ripped me off.”  Reynaldo Dela Cruz

"Felomina and I and the children's new extended family are very excited and even though we are your client we are very appreciative of your professional approach and patience with my demands. Please accept my sincere thanks and to your staff also. The children have been very excited from the first time that we mentioned it to them and continually ask when they can get out of the village. I will be so pleased to be able to educate them so they can have a bright future. It may interest you to know that I wanted to travel to their village with Felomina and thank everyone for looking after the children. The relatives have said that the guerrilla activity is too high and it is to dangerous at the moment for even locals to move about let alone a foreigner coming in. What a terrible situation for the children to grow up in. The nine weeks processing time for three children is a record.Thanks again" Omar (Peter) Amjah, Manager, International Business Unit, TAFENSW ILLAWARRA INSTITUTE

"I arrived in Australia on a working visa as an Assistant in Nursing three years ago. My visa was cancelled because my sponsor sold the business. However, because of the efforts of Imelda Argel & Associates, the Migration Review Tribunal set aside the visa cancellation. During the time of my appeal to the MRT, Imelda Argel & Associates was able to obtain a visa to enable me to attend and complete the College of Nursing Overseas Assessment Program and obtain registration as a Registered Nurse in NSW. An affiliated company of Imelda Argel & Associates, assisted me in getting a job offer from Concord Hospital. My husband and I are now able to work in Australia, thanks to Atty. Imelda Argel." Arminada Galletes

"I would like to thank Atty. Imelda Argel for the success of my Sponsorship of my brother, Jose Rey Agawin, and his family. Her efforts are truly commendable. First, she won the appeal case against MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) when my brother was initially denied a visa from an application which my brother lodged personally without advice from Atty Argel. Second, she won against a non-appealable decision from DIMIA for my brother's youngest child who was denied of a visa due to DIMIA's technical error. What is remarkable about this was, she was able to justify the child's case and reverse DIMIA's decision in less than 2 weeks. I find this truly amazing. Atty.Argel is exceptional in her field. I definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of migrating to Australia. She is a professional, and is thorough in the research and study of her cases. She gives advice on all aspects, and covers all possible grounds. On the financial aspect, her fees are fair and reasonable. In fact, in my brother's case, she told me it was a 'no win, no pay' case. I didn't pay her if she didn't win the case. This demonstrated to me that Ms. Argel is a genuine person who truly fights for the right. More Power to Atty.Argel and her Team!" Josielyn Paradeza

"It is nice to know that there is somebody watching over us while we are in a very new country like Australia. Me and my family will always pray for your success which I'm sure you already have. Thank you so much again and may God bless you always!" Sincerely, Celeste Crisostomo AIN

"I have used the services of Imelda Argel & Associates twice in the last two years. The first occasion was the purchase of my first residence, the second was the purchase of a Veterinary Surgery. In both instances I was amazed at Imelda's tireless efforts at looking after my best interests. When purchasing my business her services were effectively free as her negotiations saved me expenses that paid for her fee and much more. I would never consider using any one else." William Jenkinson BVSc

"Imelda Argel advised me in relation to the establishment of operations in Subic Bay Freeport Zone in the Philippines. The report was extremely easy to read and very much to the point. It was also plain to see the located areas that most concern myself as a manufacturer and where it will benefit our company to be very competitive. I totally recommend her to any new or already established companies for the best professional advice and to help with the establishment of operations in the Philippines." Bradley Bond, proprietor, Sydney Marine Loft.

"I am now a permanent resident of Australia. I was on a student visa when I first arrived in Australia from Thailand. Imelda Argel & Associates assisted me in changing my visa to a spouse visa (provisional visa) which was granted within two months from lodgment of application. I recommend Imelda Argel & Associates not only for their expert advice but also for their friendly service and personal attendance to details." Sirada Sangsai

"Thanks to the competent advice and professional preparation of my spouse visa application by Imelda Argel & Associates. My visa was approved at the Australian Embassy in the Philippines within two months. My wife had just delivered our first born child in Australia." Ronald Orca

"If you are looking for efficiency, affordability and honesty in migration advice, my wife and I recommend Imelda Argel & Associates. My visa was granted within two months from lodgment. We have no doubt that the efficient and detailed presentation of my visa application by Imelda Argel & Associates helped make this happen." Dante Madriaga

"I am very thankful to Atty. Imelda Argel for her assistance with my application for permanent residency to Australia. It only took 10 months for my papers to be processed which enabled me to come to Australia within a very short span of time. I fully recommend Imelda Argel & Associates for honest advice, efficient and reliable processing of documentation in relation to migration purposes." Fernando Escoto

"You may be surprised when you received this. We would like to say thank you very much for helping my father Domingo to become permanent here in Australia. He is very happy he got his permanent visa without being interviewed by immigration because he's so scared as he don't speak English properly. Our family sincerely admire your willingness to help people like my father. I remember last year when he got his temporary visa we're not fully paid to you yet at that time! Hope your business will grow more and get a change to help more people! May God Bless You and Your Son always!" Chelita Sutrina & Family

"Thank you for all the effort you put into the Philippines Cross Culture Workshop. It was much appreciated!" Sharon & Sally International Languages

We are sincerely grateful for the services you have provided us and thought we have to put everything into writing. You all deserve it!!! With heartfelt gratitude on the service you have provided us, here is my testimony- " Before we were buying our first residential home back in 2001, we didn't know any solicitor. Imelda Argel was referred to us by a friend and so engaged her services then. Everything went very smoothly and we remember her as someone who pays attention to details, sending us information in writing every step of the way until settlement. Years passed and in 2005 when we thought we are ready to buy an investment property, Winston and I agreed unanimously to have Imelda Argel to be our solicitor again. This time Winston and I were very stressed because of inefficient and unreliable real estate agent. Despite the "glitches" and "dramas", Imelda and Chloe have always remained serene and unperturbed. They made it a point that we knew our rights and they fought for our rights. They have been attentive to our requests, patiently answering and giving us advices when we were confused or unsure as to what to do. We were able to settle and at the end of it, Winston and I can say that the real estate agent had no choice but to be serious with their undertaking and deliver what is due us. We attribute all of these to the hard work Imelda and her staff has put into this. Another job well done! Now, we are enjoying our investment property! " Ida Acosta, Business Technology Group, ING Australia

"Please accept our congratulations on being a recipient of such an esteemed Award as the FAWA Award (NSW) 2006. To receive such an accolade is proof-positive of your outstanding contribution to the Filipino-Australian community and also to the assistance that you provide to so many aspiring Filipinos in their quest to emigrate to Australia. We are absolutely confident that your rate of success will continue and, as a result of that continuing success, Australia will enjoy the blessing of increased Filipino migration to its shores. This Award is an acknowledgement of your individual performance as well as the performance of your firm. Being the Principal of the firm demands that you set the Standards by which the firm operates, as well as provide examples in professional performance and integrity for your staff to emulate. The Award bears witness to your successful leadership and to the quality and loyalty of your staff."  Rosa & Graham Westland-Westland Consulting

Testimonials from Interns who completed the Internship Program

“I worked at Imelda Argel & Associates for two years in which time I undertook my Practical Legal Training placement and after I was admitted, as an employed solicitor. I could not have been in better hands: Whilst working for Imelda, she always showed great professionalism and commitment to obtaining the best results for her clients without compromising her strong ethics. With her wealth of experience and diverse practice, she is able to advise clients on a range of different issues from migration through to property transactions through to estate planning.

Through her long running internship program she provides law students with an opportunity to gain valuable insight and experience into the legal profession and in attaining a 90% success rate for client visa approvals. She is a role model to me and certainly many others. I can only hope to emulate her professionalism and integrity throughout my career.” Elisha Miller, Solicitor, Nov 2007

“I have just started my new work as a legal researcher. My first few days have been training mainly, but there does seem a lot to learn. These few days have made me realise how valuable my experience at IA&A has been and how much I have learned since working at your firm. Even, the little things I have learnt such as how to answer phone calls in an office environment have proved very useful to my new work. I'd like to thank you for all the professional support, dedicated patience and endless assistance you have shown me throughout this period- they have contributed profusely to the development of my communication, team work and organisational skills. Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to work at your law firm, I know this experience will always remain one of my most treasured memories.”
Intern 2007, Jennifer Zhou

It was a truly eye opening experience and I learnt alot from you. John Ip, Intern 2007.

"Completing my internship with Imelda Argel & Associates has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life so far. During my time at the firm I have developed important legal and administrative skills through working on a wide range of tasks from answering telephones to legal research and drafting documents. What I loved most about my experience was that I was given direct client contact from day one and trusted with increasing responsibility over time. Furthermore, my experience at Imelda Argel & Associates helped me to achieve my new job as a paralegal at Freehills. Thank you Imelda for your quality training and support. It has been a privilege working with you and I hope the success of your firm continues." Intern 2008, Jennifer Lam

"Working here at Imelda Argel and Associates has been a wonderful and challenging experience. I was given the opportunity to do so much more than simply perform administrative tasks. Under the supervision of Imelda Argel, I was able to manage visa applications, perform conveyancing procedures, handle probate matters, and even compose a submission to the Migration Review Tribunal. An internship position at IA&A truly is a great learning opportunity I would recommend it to anyone looking to experience a diverse range of legal matters in a warm and supportive environment." Intern 2008, James Gao

"My internship with you was such an insightful experience, and I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from you throughout last year. Aside from being given the opportunity to pick up new practical skills at work, I also gained exposure to numerous life lessons that have moulded me into a much more mature individual. My internship with you has allowed me to grow in many aspects, and I thank you for guiding me through it all. " Intern 2008, Christine Loh

My internship at Imelda Argel & Associates was a truly positive experience in every way. I learnt valuable skills and experiences in a professional environment where interns were given the support and responsibility to have direct contact with clients and professional bodies. The internship program was dynamic and there were always new things to learn and do as Imelda entrusted me with increasing levels of responsibility. Thank you Imelda for the opportunity and the help you have provided me in obtaining a job after graduation." Intern 2008, Brian Wang.

You have been an excellent, warm and friendly mentor through out my 26 weeks at your law firm. Thuy Nguyen, Intern, 2008.

"Just wanted to thank you again for the reference and everything else, because a large part of my reasons for applying for this job was due to how much I enjoyed working on immigration law at your firm. " Intern 2009, Merry Zhao

"Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience at your firm. I really enjoyed my time at Imelda Argel & Associates and will always remember my first real legal job fondly. I wish you all the best for the future and hope we can stay in touch." Intern 2009, Bonnie Kent

I learnt a lot from you and your colleagues. Thanks to my work at your firm, now I am able to help others search immigration information, and it has also become my habit to read terms and conditions in any contract to protect my own rights. After graduation, I continued to take an honours degree; the writing skills and the attention to details that I learnt from you were very helpful in thesis writing. Currently, I am taking an accounting internship at News Ltd. The internship at your office has helped me a lot in my career. I still use these experiences as examples in interviews. I would like to express my gratitude again." Intern 2009, Fiona Li

"Thank you from the heart. It was a pleasure and privilege to have worked for you. The opportunity you gave me to (a) learn from scratch the running of your firm and client matters (b) learn from mistakes and (c) manage your firm for the few weeks you were in the Philippines, was a memorable experience. I thank God our paths crossed, the 5 months at Imelda Argel and Associates will always be treasured by me. I could go on praising you but due to limited space, here is a summary:

I - Intelligent, Inspirational and stands up for Integrity all the way
M - Magnificent and Modest
E - Excellent role model and boss
L - Leader and a professional Lawyer
D - Diligent and Disciplined
A - Amazing life testimony of perseverance, patience and strength in character

A - Approachable and Amiable
R - Ready to encourage staff to success
G - Genuine in providing top quality legal services to clients and the community
E - Engages her time and effort to help develop and train staff
L - Level A+ in Migration, Conveyancing and Probate matters

God bless!" Carol Huynh, Solicitor, August 2009


One thing that I would certainly take away is the need for atttention to detail. Detail! Detail! Detail! I have much more to learn on my path as a legal practitioner, and I am glad and most fortunate to have had you as my fiirst mentor. I enjoyed coming to work each time becuase I knew that I would learn something new and also it was really enjoyable to work for you. Betty Lee, Intern, March 2010

My first work experience in an office environment was at Imelda Argel & Associates. I was doubtful as to whether I could survive working in a professional environment at the beginning. Fortunately, Imelda has been a very supportive Principal. She encouraged me to have more confidence in myself, by giving me countless opportunities to learn from my mistakes. Imelda ensured that I would not make the same mistake TWICE. Imelda is my role model and she will always be. After completing my internship with Imelda Argel & Associates, I have become employable in a workforce, and now have two accounting jobs- “Good Beginnings Australia” as an Assistant Accountant and “Quinlan Consulting Team” as an Accounts Trainer. I’m truly grateful and I strongly encourage everyone and recommend the internship program of Imelda Argel & Associates. - Hadi Prayoga - Intern, December 2010

I migrated in August 2010 and I had been seeking jobs in Australia for months and my lack of local experience had been such a significant barrier that I never anticipated. Now I have succeeded to obtain my first employment in Australia as an accountant. This is after SMMP (Skilled Migrant Mentoring Program) placed me in Imelda Argel & Associate one month ago. I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity to gain local working experience and also the support I received from Imelda Argel and other colleagues. Imelda as well as her team helped me a lot to get familiar with Australian accounting practice, to learn Australian work culture, to improve my communication skill and in all to make me feel more confident in my job hunting, which is very important for me to find a job finally. Helen Feng - Intern, January 2011

I have accepted an offer for a Summer Clerkship at Blake Dawson! I am absolutely thrilled about the news and I know that my internship at Imelda Argel & Associates has helped me to get to this point in my career. Thank you for all your help and agreeing to be one of my referees throughout this entire process. Ellena Petinos, Intern, May 2011

Thank you Imelda Argel for allowing me to undertake an Internship at your firm. It has truly been an invaluable experience. I have learnt so much while working there and have made life-long friends. I have gained so many insights and technical skills not only in Immigration Law but also in Conveyancing and Wills and Probate. You have truly been a mentor to me and allowed for such a rich and dynamic experience. I will forever remember my time at Imelda Argel & Associates and recommend any Law Student to apply for an internship here! Thank you for all your support! Tina Nematian, Intern, May 2011

This was the first time working in an office environment and I am very grateful for this experience, skills and knowledge that I have gained during my time at Imelda Argel and Associates. My experiences from working here in immigration law, conveyancing, office administration, working individually and in teams, have proved invaluable in seeking other jobs. I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to learn from suh a great mentor.John Chan, Intern, May 2011

My time at Imelda Argel & Associates both as an Intern and as an employee has afforded me the best experience in my working career in Australia. Thank you so much Imelda, for the valuable lessons and guidelines given to us all. I often think of, and am so grateful for the experience that I was fortunate to gain from working with you. As a result of your standards being so high, I have acquired a keen sense of being extremely precise and diligent in my present work. Thank you once again and hope many more Interns are fortunate enough to be part of the IAA family and gain the extraordinary guidance that is part of the experience.Anne Johnpulle, August 2012


Contact Details:

92 Anzac Avenue Collaroy NSW 2097 AUSTRALIA

Email info@iargel.com.au





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